Lebanon2040 is a non profit organization wich will lead the resurrection and advancement of lebanon. Lebanon2040 will ensure equal growth of all sectors; economical, agricultural, tourism etc . With the academic, professional, and financial support of donors Lebanon 2040 will reach its ultimate goal of making Lebanon the heaven on earth. Academically, students will be able to submit projects and research papers online through our website. Furthermore, professional support will include any experienced input to Lebanon 2040 such workforce, ideas, research etc. finally, financial support will be crucial for the funding of plans and strategies for Lebanon 2040. The latter includes rewards to students, marketing expenditure , and studies( engineering, architectural, agricultural, etc). The financial support will ensure the sustainability of the organization and future implementation of projects .

1. To imagine the future of Lebanon and set a clear set of rules and regulations that will be put in action in 2040
2. To conduct studies and strategically plan how to reach the above desired results
3. To be able to support the project and sustain it financially by gathering enough funding for Lebanonís studies.
4. To market Lebanon2040 in the region and internationally
5. To execute a maquette of Lebanon on a 1/100000 scale showing the future of Lebanon in 2040
6. To seek investors and sponsors to execute this project and make our vision possible


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ADDRESS Achrafieh, Monot st. Monot 222 bldg
1st floor - Beirut, Lebanon

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